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• White

• Brown

• Fibrous

• Grey

• Sheet asbestos

Our staff are experienced in all types of waste disposal; with up to date knowlegde of current legistation we can advise you on the safest way to dispose of your hazardous and special waste material.


We supply enclosed bins for secure on-site storage of waste and we have the ability to register your special waste sites with the EA.

Contaminated & special waste removal

Dealing with all grades of asbestos:

We can also experienced in the disposal of many other types of hazardous and special waste including:

• Clinical waste

• Contaminated soils

• Batteries and acids

• Gas bottles

• Tyres disposal

• Plasterboard and gypsum waste

• Frdges and freezers

• Effluent disposal

As as EA Registered company, we can also offer:

• Long term and high turn around sites a specialty

• Grab wagon and muck-aways

• Special waste disposal

• Clinical waste disposal

• Road sweepers

• Small tool hire and sales

• Operated and non-operated plant hire

• Container and cabin hire and sales

• Portaloo hire and services

• Fence and barrier hire

• Builders and cleaning services

• Hygiene cleans

• Graffiti removal

• Brick and stone cleaning